Catching Up at The Drop!

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KRCC's Transitional Youth Program Celebrates Summer AnniversaryProgram Director Angie Bush gives an update on the drop-in centers and on some exciting new developments!by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia WriterSince the summer of 2016, KRCC has opened six Sapling Centers throughout the region. The program has been popular with young people, local leaders, and parents/guardians alike. Now, Program Director Angie Bush said ... Read More

Going Above and Beyond: KRCC’s School-Based Services


KRCC provides school-based therapy to meet the needs of children, families, and schools throughout the Kentucky River Region. by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia Writer For most parents, the start of a new school year often presents a new set of challenges, especially as the family tries to let go of the summer-break mindset and return to the everyday routine of back-to-school … Read More

Rising at the Drop


KRCC’s Sapling Centers, or youth drop-in centers, have been transforming the lives of our region’s youth. This is just one of their stories. by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia Writer “I really didn’t know these places even existed,” said Ethan Montgomery, sitting in the study area of KRCC’s Sapling Center in Hazard. “I thought it was just something somebody made up. … Read More