Supported Employment

Our Services

We match and encourage the individual’s skills with proposed job duties and the employers with the individuals. Each individual has an on-site job coach to assist them in their duties. The job- coach encourages good work ethics.

The job-coach is provided at no cost to the individual or the employer. We follow up with the individual and the employer to ensure the placement is appropriate and the individual is accomplishing his/her duties. Work independence is the key for the individuals in our program. We inspire each individual to work independently within his/her community.

  • Client Choice

    No one is excluded from participating.

  • Benefits Counseling

    Employment specialists help people understand how benefits (such as Social Security or Medicaid) are affected by working. Most people are able to work and continue to receive some benefits.

  • Client Preferences

    Choices about work are based on the individual’s interests and skills.

  • Integrated Services

    The Employment Specialist coordinates services with your treatment team.

  • Timely Support

    Job search starts soon after a client expresses interest in working — there are no preemployment requirements.

  • Competitive Jobs

    The goal is to get you a job in the community that anyone can apply for and that pays at least minimum wage, including part-time and full- time jobs.

  • Continuous Supports

    Individualized supports are provided to help you maintain employment for as long as you want our assistance.

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