Your First Visit

Many of the individuals who seek services report that they feel a little nervous on their first visit. They are uncertain what to expect and what would we ask of them. To help prepare you for your first visit, which will last about an hour, here are the steps in the process:

You may bring a family member or trusted friend to be with you throughout your appointment. You don't need to come alone.

1. Check in with the Customer Service Representative. S/he will ask for your name and verify your appointment.

2. You will be asked to have a seat in the waiting room where you can review the information and complete the forms. Once you are finished you can give the completed forms back to the Customer Service Representative.

3. S/he will give you forms to fill out that will give us some information about you and/or any medical issues. If you need any help with these forms, please let the Customer Service Representative know.

4. Shortly after that, a Customer Service Representative (maybe the same person who is behind the counter) will ask you to come into the office. This private conversation is to develop a financial demographic profile and address key billing information. Remember that KRCC is committed to providing care to everyone who seeks it.

5. You will then return to the waiting room until you are called to see the therapist. The therapist will show you to his or her office and talk with you about the purpose for your visit. S/he will talk to you about your options and the services we offer that will best meet your needs.

KRCC accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurance. A sliding fee scale is available for those without insurance based on proof of income. We want to make certain that concerns about how to pay for medical care is addressed before you meet with the therapist.


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