Client Responsibilities


1. Be open and honest with your therapist or doctor in order to get the most from treatment.

2. Be familiar with your rights as a citizen and, therefore, be responsible for making sure you are not denied your rights.

3. Show respect and concern for other clients and respect their privacy.

4. Ask questions any time you do not understand.

5. Keep your scheduled appointments.


Information about your treatment is kept confidential in accordance with state and federal regulations. Information will be released only under the following conditions:

1) The patient may obtain one free copy of the medical record by signing a request and submitting it to the Medical Records Department.

2) If information discloses that a violent act has occurred, is threatened or that abuse/neglect is suspected.

3) If the client or guardian signs a written consent for another agency.

4) If a judge signs an order requiring release to the court.


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