How To Make A Referral


Deciding to make a referral for a family member or a friend is a big step. It requires tact, sensitivity and at times firmness. Your attitude of sincere interest and helpfulness toward the person in need is most important. You should be aware that many people, even if they ask you for your help, are embarrassed and uncertain about asking for help. One way that you can help is to provide support, address their fears and try to point them in the right direction.

You Should Consider Making A Referral If:

1. The problem or request is beyond your expertise.

2. The person acknowledges a problem, but is reluctant to talk to you about it.

3. The nature of the problem requires medical attention as well as someone to listen.

4. There is immediate danger to the person or someone else.

It is usually best to be frank with the person and to tell them that you are going to call KRCC and recommend an appointment. If you are comfortable with the idea, offer to accompany the person to the first visit and call to make an appointment that is convenient for each of you. If the person agrees to be referred, encourage them to make the call for the appointment.


Appointments begin by contacting the outpatient office in the county most convenient to the client.

When calling for an appointment, please be prepared to provide the following information about the client:

1. Name and Address

2. Social Security Number

3. Date of Birth

4. Phone Number(s)

5. Presenting problem

6. Reason for appointment

An appointment can be schedule at the time of the call. Referral information for appointments may also be faxed to the corresponding outpatient office. Every effort will be made to contact the referral source, thanking them for the referral and providing a time for the first appointment.


Referral sources, concerned friends and family members frequently want to participate in the ongoing care a person receives. To facilitate good communication, yet assure privacy is maintained, clients need to sign releases of information identifying what type of information can be shared about their care and who can receive this information.


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