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KRCC provides a Therapeutic Rehabilitation program for people with serious mental illness, who require less than 24 hours of care a day but more than outpatient counseling. Services are designed to promote social, personal adjustment and daily living skills. Adults in the program are encouraged to retain control of their lives, to set their own goals and to participate fully in decisions affecting their future.


KRCC provides Case Management services to assist consumers with their medical, education, social and other support needs. Recipients must be at least 18 years of age, have an Axis I Diagnosis of severe mental illness (as defined in the DSM IV, American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and not be in immediate danger to themselves or to others. They must not be actively abusing substances.

Resource Guide for Case / Care Management

ACLADDA - Assertive Community Living for Appalachian Dually Diagnosed Adults
Intensive services for persons with both drug and mental health disorders. Family Health Navigators help clients through this program by linking them with the appropriate services.
John Vinson x 3012

AHASP - Appalachian Homeless Assertive Services Partnership
Addresses the mix of substance abuse and/or alcoholism, and severe mental illness, family violence and child abuse that make for increased Appalachian homelessness in southeast Kentucky. This program is a partnership between Perry County's Community Ministries and KRCC. Family Health Navigators help by linking them with the appropriate services.
x 7301

AVON II - Appalachian Violence Outreach Network Intervention Initiative
Coordinating services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and child abuse. Outreach Workers are available for each victim to help them coordinate services needed.
Charlene Clemons

Emergency Housing
Clients with severe mental illness are targeted for services. Participants of the program must be homeless and at least 18 years of age. Case Management services include emergency housing, transportation assistance in order to find housing. Emergency items provided upon moving into apartment to aid basic needs, constant contact with client and provision of monitoring and maintenance of apartments.
x 7293

Clients considered for housing services include those who may be homeless, homeless families with children, suffering from serious, persistent mental illness, have domestic violence issues, recovering from substance abuse, suffering from a disabling condition, have a low income and/or diagnosed with a developmental disability. Care Managers assist with completing paperwork for KRCC or KY Housing Corp., weekly contacts and monthly home visits to link clients with service needs.
Pat Parr x 1719 & x 7307

A program for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Case Managers help individuals with their problems or basic needs.
606-436-5761, Option #4

Olmstead's goal is to prevent hospitalization and place clients in the most integrated community setting possible. Serves those who are severely mentally ill, hospitalized at ARH or referred for case management services. Case management offers several services including links to housing, basic needs, transportation and any resources to prevent hospitalization.
Bill Watkins x 1071

(Addressing Dimensions of Domestic Violence Addiction Needs through Community Effort ) is located in Perry County and primarily serves residents of Perry County. Project ADDVANCE is an intensive treatment program that assists women with substance abuse or dependence who are also overcoming trauma from an abusive relationship. Project ADDVANCE serves women who are eligible for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
606-435-2839; Project ADDVANCE Operator x 7600,

Project ADDvance is funded by the Department for Community-based Services through a contract with the University of Kentucky's Targeted Assessment Program (TAP).

Rape Crisis Center (RCC)
The RCC provides support to survivors of all forms of sexual violence: sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Services include a 24-hour crisis line, medical advocacy, legal advocacy and individual, group, and/or family counseling. Victim Advocates help each victim through every aspect of their traumatic experience.
800-375-RAPE; Rape Crisis Operator x 7800

Solutions is an intensive treatment program for women with substance abuse and/or mental health issues. The program provides comprehensive gender specific trauma informed treatment for women who have lost, or are at risk of losing child custody, have substance abuse or dependence, have experienced domestic violence, childhood physical or sexual abuse or other trauma. Services include individual, group and family therapy, education, advocacy and case management.
Breathitt OP x 1011; Caney Center x 2200; Wolfe OP x 8010; Lee OP x 3026

Targeted Case Management
Case management services are performed by qualified case managers to assist adults with chronic mental illness in gaining needed medical, educational, social and other support services.
Sandy Pratt x 2003; Becky Cornett x 7257


“Our mission is to increase the functioning of adults experiencing mental illness through participation in a variety of individual services within an atmosphere of acceptance so that they can be successful and satisfied in the environment of their choice with the least amount of professional intervention”. 606-368-2802


KRCC operates a housing program to serve persons with mental retardation, serious mental illness, substance abuse and homeless concerns. Housing options range from independent living to homes that incorporate therapeutic support, including supervised and staffed residents, personal care homes and therapeutic group home or therapeutic foster care.

Caney Creek Rehabilitation Complex (CCRC)
CCRC is a personal care home for adults with a long term or serious mental illness. Residents practice interpersonal and intra personal skills, daily living skills, learning work skills and how to manage their illness. the goal is to help each person achieve the most independent living environment possible. 606-368-2802

Sun Valley
A residential independent living program for adults with a serious mental illness, who possess daily living skills but may benefit from additional support.

Townview Apartments
A 17 unit apartment building, provides independent living apartments for people with developmental disabilities, who have the skills necessary to live independently and require limited assistance with daily living skills.

Independent Living Opportunities
These apartments are part of our initiative to provide housing opportunities for persons who are homeless or near homeless and have special needs related to serious mental illness, substance abuse, or mental retardation related.

Supported Community Living (SCL)
Provides 24-hour supervision and training in activities such as: laundry, routine household care, self-care, shopping, money management, and socialization and leisure activities. No more than three individuals receiving waiver services can live in any single residential setting.

Adult Advocacy
At KRCC we believe that our clients come first, so it is important to offer services to fight for the rights of our clients that are being ignored. In addition, for those who do not know the proper process in certain situations, we offer the following:

Medical Advocacy
We offer personal support through the entire medical examination at the hospital. Trained crisis counselors explain the hospital procedure to survivors and provide information to their family members and friends.

Legal Advocacy
We offer personal support through a full-time Victim Advocate who explains the legal procedures and assists with obtaining crime victim's compensation. The Victim Advocate also provides links between the survivors, their family members and friends, to community support resources.



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