Crossroads Crisis Center

Our Services

Crossroads Crisis Center is a 23-hour facility for adults and children that specializes in evaluation, assessment, and de-escalation of crises and can help make connections to community resources. Crossroads is located at 118 Willies Way in Hazard, Ky.

Crisis Services are available 23 hours a day for adults and children (ages 6-17). Children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

23 Hour Observation

-designed for persons who may need short, intensive treatment in a safe environment that is less restrictive than a hospital.  

Partial Hospitalization

- provides care and monitoring for a person who may be having acute psychotic symptoms without being a danger to self or others.

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

- a short-term, voluntary, 8-bed stabilization unit, where we try to stabilize the person and get him or her back into the community quickly.

Mobile Crisis

- provides on-site evaluation, treatment, and crisis intervention in which we go out to the person in need so that the individual can remain in a comfortable environment.


Address 118 Willies Way, Hazard, KY. 41701

Phone 1-800-262-7491