Regional Prevention Center

Our Services

The Kentucky River Regional Prevention Center (RPC) plans and promotes comprehensive substance use/abuse, suicide, violence, bullying, and homelessness prevention services in its eight-county region, and promotes mental health.

The RPC employs three Certified Prevention Specialists. Our staff assists individuals and groups in developing prevention programs that will encourage healthy choices about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Our prevention specialists also provide presentations, education and training programs, and information on substance use/abuse, suicide, violence, bullying, homelessness, and mental health, as well as consultation services.

Our primary objective is to empower communities to implement policies at the local level that will have a positive and lasting effect on the community environment, thereby reducing the harmful consequences of the illegal use and abuse of substances.

We provide an array of coordinated services to accomplish our mission, including:

      • Community Prevention Coalitions

        Prevention coalitions increase public awareness and involvement in alcohol and drug prevention programming. The RPC operates 12 coalitions in our eight counties. We encourage the public to attend and be involved with our coalitions.

      • KY-ASAP Local Boards

        We offer Kentucky Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (KY-ASAP) Local Boards in Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Owsley, Perry, and Wolfe counties.

      • Zero Tolerance Program

        This program provides a diversion program for youth who have been cited for an alcohol or other drug-related charge.

      • Zero Suicide Initiative

        A suicide prevention program available in all eight counties.

      • KY-Moms MATR

        KY-Moms Maternal Assistance Towards Recovery (MATR) - formerly the KIDS NOW Plus program - serving pregnant women in all eight counties.

      • Community Development

        Assists community residents in assessing the needs and strengths of that particular community and developing a prevention plan.

      • Youth Prevention Services

        We offer an array of services aimed at preventing alcohol and other drug problems.

      • Consultation & Technical Assistance

        Provides information and advice on model prevention programs and strategies and how to tailor them to a particular environment.

      • Training & Education

        Available for youth and adults on how to implement prevention strategies.

      • Education Programs & Presentations

        We deliver educational programs and presentations on alcohol and other drug issues.

      • A Multimedia Resource Library

        We provide a multimedia resource library with books, videos, documents, and periodicals on substance abuse and related fields. These materials are available for use on-site or for lending.

      • Dissemination of Materials

        We disseminate pamphlets, posters, and other alcohol and drug prevention messages.

      • Ongoing Efforts

        We continue to make efforts to get accurate and helpful information to the public.

      Additional Services

      Other services include:

      • Production of materials for local media to publicize prevention messages.
      • Sources of Strength: A proven evidence-based program that trains school staff and youth on bullying/suicide prevention.
      • Gen RX: An interactive Substance Abuse Prevention curriculum for grades 6-12 focusing on prescription and over-the-counter drugs.
      • TEG TAP: Tobacco Prevention education and awareness.

      Regional Alcohol & Drug Information Services

      The RPC serves as a primary source of drug information for all communities in the region. Services include a resource library, telephone information, and the distribution of printed materials and audiovisuals.

      Get In Touch
      The Regional Prevention Center provides speaking engagements for any group, when requested.

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      We always love to hear from our KRCC clients and members of the community. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.

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